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European Commission Joint Research Centre Institute for Transuranium Elements

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ITU´s Projects and Framework programme

Under the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Atomic Energy Community (EURATOM), the JRC's multi-annual work programme is organised into five policy themes for which the funding over the seven-year period of the Framework Programmes is as follows:


1. Prosperity in a knowledge intensive society

2. Solidarity and the responsible management of resources

3. Security and freedom

4. Europe as a world partner

5. The EURATOM programme

ITU mainly participates in the EURATOM Programme.
The activity of ITU in the Seventh Framework Programme is divided into four core competences:


1. Basic Actinide Science and Applications

  • Alpha-Immunotherapy / Radiobiology
  • Analysis of Nuclear Traces in the Environment
  • Fundamental and Applied Actinide Research


2. Safety of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

  • Nuclear Waste Dispossal
  • Alternative Nuclear Fuel Cycles
  • Safety of Conventional Nuclear Fuels
  • Safety of Advanced Nuclear Fuels


3. Safeguards and Nuclear Forensics 

  • Forensic Analysis and Combating Illicit Trafficking
  • Nuclear and Trace Analysis for Safeguards


4. Education and User Facilities

  • Knowledge Management, Training and Education