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EUSECTRA Inauguration

April 18, 2013

The official inauguration of EUSECTRA will take place on April 18th in the presence of the European Commission Directorate General Home (DG HOME), DG ENER, DG DEVCO, DG-TAXUD, Member States representatives, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and US-DoE at the JRC-ITU premises.

EUSECTRA consolidates, modernises and enhances the training activities at JRC-ITU, both at the Karlsruhe site in Germany and at the Ispra site in Italy. It is based on the long-standing nuclear safeguards (first line of defence) training activities which are directed mainly to DG ENER and IAEA inspectors and is based on the JRC-ITU R&D and equipment development in the area of non-destructive analysis, chemical and isotopic analysis, mass-volume determinations, containment and surveillance and innovative safeguards approaches. The second component of the training focuses on combating illicit trafficking (second line of defence) including detection, response and nuclear forensic analysis.

Following the increasing security concerns with respect to illicit trafficking of nuclear and other radioactive materials, the Joint Research Centre was tasked by the European Commission (DG HOME) to set up a dedicated European Nuclear Security Training as recommended by the EU CBRN Action plan adopted by the European Council in December 2009. The Centre will serve as platform for knowledge transfer and for networking of experts. Based on the unique combination of scientific expertise, specific technical infrastructure and availability of a wide range of nuclear materials, a facility offering unparalleled training opportunities was established. JRC has elaborated a comprehensive training scheme for first responders, measurement expert support teams and nuclear forensic experts comprising practical and table-top exercises. Reference and standardised training materials have been developed in close collaboration with international experts (e.g., from IAEA, US-DoE, FBI, NFI) and under the Border Monitoring Working Group.

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EUSECTRA: European Nuclear Security Training centre
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Specific trainings:
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Mobile Expert Support Team
Non-Destructive Analysis
Scanning Electron Microscopy 

ITRAP+10 (Illicit Trafficking Radiation Assessment Program):
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