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Annual Reports

Since 1966 JRC-ITU publishes every year an activity report. They describe the research progress made during the year, the highlights and projects, but also basic information like scientific objectives or facts and figures.

The reports since 2000 you can read online or download. To order printed versions or previous reports please e-mail your request to jrc-itu-info(at)

Please download the report of your interest:

     Annual_Report_2011.pdf (4.5 M)

      Annual_Report_2010.pdf (6.5 M)

      Annual_Report_2009.pdf (6.9 M)

      Annual_Report_2008.pdf (6.7 M)

      Annual_Report_2007.pdf (3.2 M)

      Annual_Report_2006.pdf (3.7 M)

      Annual_Report_2005.pdf (3.1 M)

      Activity_Report_2004.pdf (2.0 M)

      Activity_Report_2003.pdf (2.0 M)

      Activity_Report_2002.pdf (4.6 M)

      Activity_Report_2001.pdf (2.9 M)

      List of previous reports (47K)